Elizabeth J Hicks

My Studio

One of the things I truly love about doing hand made heirlooms is sharing my work and methods with others in the craft business.

I thought I would include on this site some images of my studio and the process I use to make these items.

Building up Inventory

Stocking up for the Season

During the Spring and Summer seasons, I build up a stock of creatures and ornaments for the fall craft fair seasons and the winter gift giving holidays.

Waiting for paint

Assembly Line

Here are a number of figures waiting for painting and finishing. Note that no two figures are the same. I do NOT use molds; each figure is individuly formed by hand. I get to know each one of them, as they all take on a unique personality. My husband thinks I'm crazy because I'll spend hours in my studio talking to all my creatures.

My raw Materils

Raw materials

The Santa figures are made with paper clay molded over recycled light bulbs and bottles. People like the fact that I am using recycled material. I now have a group of people saving their old light bulbs and unique bottles for me.

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