There is nothing like a Christmas tree decorated with handmade ornaments to rekindle those memories of Christmases past. Here are few examples of ornaments that can be used for a variety of things such as, tree decorations, table settings, party favors, special gift wrapping, or to start a collection for that favorite niece or nephew. These little ornaments are made on a variety of recycled and found objects.

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Lace Angles

Lace Angles

These lace angels are made using bits of antique lace that have been passed down through my family and the families of friends and acquaintances. I love it because it's a great way to give grandma's old lace collars a second life!

Approximately 3“ Tall

Santa and His Presents

Santa Tree Ornaments

The original Santa in this collection was made over a small appliance light bulb, which I still use when I can find them.

Approximately 3“ Tall

Snowmen Ornaments

Small Snowmen Ornaments

I love to gather all kinds of odds and ends where ever I may be. The arms for these cheerful little snowmen are found in the forest around our home.

Approximately 3" Tall

Wine Cork Santas

Wine Cork Santa Ornaments

These little Santas are the perfect "Green" gift. I use wine corks as armatures which are wrapped in recycled tin foil. I then sculpt the fanciful little Santas with a paper clay that hardens to near ceramic consistency.. Tie one on a bottle of wine the next time you are invited over for festivities.


Approximately 3“ Tall

Closepin Santas

Clothes Pin Santas

These little guys keep changing with the years. You can now find them covered in stars or polka dots! They hold hearts, starts, trees, and birds. GREAT gifts for those nieces and nephews for collections to remember you by.

Approximately 3" Tall

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