Having grown up in Hawaii, I rarely had a chance to play in the snow. That may be why I find myself with such a facination with winter and building snowmen out in the front yard. Here are just a few examples of snowmen available now.

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Melting Snowmen

Melting Snowmen

I love to use gourds with long sweeping ends as a based for my melting snow men.

Approximately 5“ Tall

Plese Feed the Birds

Please Feed the Birds

My studio window looks out at bird feeders hanging in a small juniper tree. Watching the birds eating on a snowy morning inspired these little snowmen bird lovers.

Approximately 5“ Tall

Snowmen Golfers

Snowmen Golfers

My snowmen love to play golf too.


Approximately 7“ Tall

Snowment Have Heart

My Snowmen All Have Heart

Hearts and Love flourish in every season.

Approximately 7" Tall

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