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Hello and welcome to my new blog!  Today I thought I’d tell you a little about myself and how I became a folk artist.

I grew up on the big Island of Hawaii and from an early age was encouraged to create my own gifts, I was lucky to have several “aunties“ that were exceptional artists.  My earliest memories are of sitting around a picnic table under the coconut trees and wrapping match boxes with coconut fiber covered with sand and shells from our little cove. Thus began a life of gathering!

One year we made sandcasts with shells and rocks, the next year I learned to embroider.  Then came sewing, and needlepoint.  By the time my children were born I was making teddy bears out of old jeans.  Recycling became a passion. 

I started making cloth ornaments and then large Father Christmases using antique lace and quilts.    These have been collected by customers from Hawaii to England.  I played with Fimo and made historic Hawaiian figures that were purchased by Hawaiian galleries.  It was as I was trying to create expressive faces on my Father Christmases that I discovered Paperclay. I had finally found my medium!

Today my Holiday characters are all built out of Paperclay and usually use some form of recycled material as armatures.  Every character has a story, whether it is his armature, the gathered items he holds or why he is being made! In future blogs I will highlight some of my creations and show you how they come to life!

Stay tuned as I take you on future adventures through my creative life!


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